COVID-19 Hygiene Materials

We need to purchase:

  • hand sanitiser and table at entrance and exits
  • paper towels at entrance and exit, kitchen and toilet
  • bins/bags for paper towels
  • disposable wipes for handles, catches, toilet seats, light switches
  • disposable gloves and disposable apron for first aid kit see below
  • consider same for cleaner, only strictly req’d after COVID-19 incident
  • 2 metre distancing tape – suggest we remove runners from entrance corridor before applying tape in corridor

A designated isolation area for anyone suddenly taken sick needs to be provided, eg a chair with a suitable notice and a first aid kit comprising:

• Face mask (covering) & pair of plastic gloves x 2 – each set in a plastic bag (for responder and
• Plastic face shield – for the responder
• Pocket pack of tissues
• Hand soap in pump dispenser
• Small hand sanitiser gel
• Disposable apron e.g. plastic sleeveless or cheap overalls
• Small packet anti-bacterial wipes
• Rubbish bags x 2 (so disposables can be double-bagged). The outer one marked e.g. “Covid waste”.
• Washing up bowl for handwashing

Laminated instructions for how to respond are to be attached to the box.
All hall users are to be made aware of this box when they first use the facilities. “Catch it – bin it – kill it” poster nearby.

Advise the cleaner/caretaker as to the extra cleaning required if someone is taken unwell on the premises with a suspected case of COVID-19. This requires disposable PPE and double bagging of PPE and cleaning materials afterwards, which must be stored for 72 hours securely prior to disposal in the general rubbish collection.

Other actions:

  • add ‘Welcome’ poster at entrance, ‘wash-hands’ poster in toilet
  • remove the few upholstered chairs we have