COVID-19 Catering

Arrangements for catering depend on the size and nature of the activity and the size and facilities of the kitchen. Common sense should be applied to achieve social distancing. For example, for short meetings people might be encouraged to bring their own water. For longer, small events, such as an art class, people might each use the kitchen to make their own refreshments and clean after themselves.

Where refreshments are usually served from a hatch, such as WI or coffee mornings, a decision will need to be taken as to whether it is easier to manage social distancing through inviting people household group
by group to a hatch or buffet table or by table service (both may be required). For an interval bar, e.g. at a quiz, drinks might be pre-ordered and collected household group by group. Community cafes and luncheon clubs for the elderly are advised to check Government guidance for cafes and restaurants

(reference Information Sheet section 2.9)